Worldwide Secular Meetings

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Below is a list of worldwide secular meetings compiled from various online sources. It also includes 24/7 meetings, which are not secular, but may be helpful. This list is provided as a service for information only and aims to be inclusive rather than exclusive when including multiple Fellowships and meeting styles. Link to full calendar

Start times adjust to your local time zone. To obtain Zoom ID and passcodes, open the description by clicking on the title of the meeting. Most have a link that will take you directly to the meeting, but some will require you to enter the passcode manually. To add individual meetings to your personal calendar, click on the name of the meeting, then click "copy to my calendar".

Joining by phone: Meetings can be attended anonymously by dialing in from a phone, aside from showing a censored version of your phone number to online attendees. For a list of Zoom dial-in numbers by country click here. After joining by phone, press *6 to mute/unmute and *9 to raise hand. For more information, visit Zoom's help page

Note for mobile: Click "more details" to see the full meeting details in the Google Calendar app. If an "event does not exist" error arises, make sure the app is updated. Then, clear data and cache for the app under the settings menu and restart the mobile device.