Alcoholic Literature

Below are some commonly-used books and pamphlets. All literature published by AA can be found at their online bookstore. AA Grapevine is another GSO-approved publication. Newcomer-specific suggestions are listed towards the bottom of the page. 

All AA Pamphlets

AA Online Bookstore

AA Grapevine 

Newcomer Literature Suggestions

Newcomer suggestions are based on common newcomer questions, which can be found here

Big Book 

[Purchase link]Audio version[Audio version available on
Google Play and the Apple Store]

ASL Version

There are 42 personal stories at the end of the main book of Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book). Feel free to skip the beginning and go right to the stories in the back. 

Who, Me? 

This pamphlet has a good description of alcoholism and AA, and a short questionnaire. You can answer the questions and diagnose yourself.

A Newcomer Asks

This pamphlet has answers to common questions of people approaching AA for the first time. 

The "God" Word has many stories of people who stayed sober without a traditional religious belief.

This pamphlet describes sponsors.

Living Sober

Living Sober

[Purchase link]Audio version[Audio version available
on Google Play]

This book has lots of tips for combating drinking urges.