worldwide secular meetings

Newcomer Welcome & FAQ


  • An updated version of the meeting calendar is now available here. The previous version can still be found here.

  • More resource links have been added to the Resources page.

  • Hong Kong We Agnostics Fridays at 9PM ET has changed their meeting passcode: Zoom ID 897 1168 7619 Passcode 1day@atime.

  • Domingo Laico e Sóbrio, conducted in Portuguese, will move from Sundays 5PM Brasil time to Thursdays 8PM Brasil time starting August 4, 2022: Zoom ID 857 7662 8778 Passcode 308773.

  • Freethinking iPAN has new login credentials. The days and times are the same (Monday 2:00 PM ET and Thursday 3:00 PM ET): Zoom ID 867 0350 7632 Passcode FTIPAN.

New Meetings:

  • Agnostics in Progress out of Bellevue, WA: Tuesdays 3PM ET at Zoom ID 892 2245 3746 Passcode 109242.

  • Secular ACA out of Portland: Tuesdays 10PM ET at Zoom ID 878 7616 8553 Passcode 058539.

  • Multiple LifeRing meetings added.
    LifeRing is not affiliated with any 12-step program.

  • Secular ACA Schematic Study: Saturdays 5AM ET at Zoom ID 831 1691 3529 Passcode Basic5.

  • New Recovery Dharma meeting added: Disco Dharma (Meditation, Reading, Sharing): Saturdays 9PM PT at Zoom ID 869 4300 5175 Passcode disco.

Upcoming Events:

  • Varieties of Secular Experience: Navigating AA in a Secular Way: Sunday 8/28/2022 at 11AM PT. This event will feature Jeffrey Munn, author of Staying Sober Without God. Zoom ID 828 6117 8567 Passcode 121212. Speaker information and recordings are available from the Cottonwood Freethinkers website. Add to calendar.

  • ICSAA Secular Speaker Meeting: Sunday 9/4/2022 at 2PM EST. Zoom ID 864 4075 0033 Passcode 121212. Add to calendar.

  • Higher Palooza XVII will be Sunday will be 9/18/2022 2PM ET and will be hosted by the Share Whatever Works For You group. Connect via Zoom ID 852 1300 4064, Passcode 121212. Add to calendar.