Higher Palooza

Thank you to those who attended Higher Palooza 19, possibly the final palooza. More TBA. 

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What Is Higher Palooza?

Higher Palooza is a bimonthly event created to address the common misconception that AA is a Christian organization. Although there are people in AA who are Christians, there are many who are not. AA is NOT A RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION! To address this misconception, the Higher Palooza group has asked several people to speak who have navigated AA for many years without professing to or adopting any concepts of any Higher Power they don’t believe. We have recorded these 20-minute talks to augment your understanding that AA is not, or is it affiliated with, any religious organization, be it denominational or so-called non-denominational. These talks affirm that an alcoholic can get sober, stay sober, and have a happy, productive life while holding onto their own beliefs, or none at all. Each speaker has given permission to be recorded. Our only mission is to communicate that an alcoholic does not need anyone else’s beliefs to get sober and stay sober.

past Higher Palooza RECORDINGS

Higher Palooza XIX (1/15/2023)

Terry G. [play | download]

Annie H.G. [play | download]

Sri R. & Tracy C. [play | download]

Higher Palooza XVII (11/20/2022)

Diane L. [play | download]

Randy P. [play | download]

Belle S. [play | download]

Higher Palooza XVII (9/18/2022)

Lil F. [play | download]

Alva R. [play | download]

Jon H. [play | download]

Higher Palooza XVI (7/17/2022)

Micaela M. [play | download]

Melanie R. [play | download]

Tracy H. [play | download]

Higher Palooza XV (5/15/2022)

Heather P. [play | download]

Ellen Y. [play | download]

Beth L. [play | download]

Higher Palooza XIV (3/20/2022)

Jeremy R. [play | download]

Alex L. [play | download]

Nathan H. [play | download]

Higher Palooza XIII (1/16/2022)

Bobby K. [play | download]

Kate B. [play | download]

Maleah J. [play | download]

Higher Palooza XII (11/21/2021)

[The first speaker declined to be recorded.]

Penny M. [play | download]

John R. [play | download]

Higher Palooza XI (9/19/2021)

Kathy M. [play | download]

Max J. [play | download]

[The third speaker declined to be recorded.]

Higher Palooza X (7/18/2021)

Leah C. [play | download]

Kate R. [play | download]

Carol McD. [play | download]

Higher Palooza IX (5/16/2021)

Marsha F. [play | download]

Billy C. [play | download]

Alice B. [play | download]

Higher Palooza VIII (3/21/2021)

Rick E. [play | download]

Antonia [removed by request]

Eugene [play | download]

Higher Palooza VII (1/17/2021)

Mark P. [play | download]

Martina M. [play | download]

JEB [play | download]

Higher Palooza VI (12/20/2020)

Frank K. [play | download]

Jodi V. [play | download]

Mike G. [play | download]

Higher Palooza V (11/15/2020)

Chantal C., Neal H., and PA Mike.
Unfortunately, this event was
unable to be recorded. 

Higher Palooza IV (10/8/2020)

Yaxki [play | download]

Mikey [play | download]

Joe C. [play | download]

Higher Palooza III (9/20/2020)

Guy P. [play | download]

Ali R. [play | download]

Sally P. [play | download]

Higher Palooza II (8/16/2020)

Tracy (6:50), Jacqui (21:28), and
Brendan (42:07) [play | download]

Higher Palooza I

Annie [play | download]

Leslie [play | download]

Sri [play | download]