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Newcomer Welcome & FAQ


  • AA Secular - Northern Ireland has a new Zoom ID: Sundays and Thursdays 3:30PM ET at Zoom ID 851 5904 5299 Passcode changeme.

  • LifeRing men's meeting has a new time and day: Wednesdays 2PM ET at Zoom ID 839 0309 9135 Passcode lifering.

  • Saturday Quad A meeting has a new ID: Saturdays 12:15PM ET at Zoom ID 823 5018 4586 Passcode secular.

  • Beginning 11/16/2022 the Wednesday Agnostics Meditation meeting out of Paris will have a new Zoom ID: Wednesdays 11:45AM ET at Zoom ID 869 1788 4618 Passcode Secular.

  • AHA CoDA Healing Together now meets at a new time: Mondays at 7PM ET instead of 8PM ET at Zoom ID 893 7797 1773 Passcode 023387.

New Meetings:

  • We Agnostics and Freethinkers in AA out of Little Rock, AR: Fridays 11:15PM ET at Zoom ID 384 811 9806 No passcode required.

  • AA Secular Healing: A Chapter *FOR* the Agnostic out of North Hollywood, California: Saturdays 7PM ET at Zoom ID 911 668 0204 Passcode tolerance.

  • New LifeRing meeting for people over 60 years of age beginning 10/23/2022: Sundays 9AM ET at Zoom ID 892 6638 0178 Passcode lifering.

  • LifeRing meetings updated.

  • Zen Mind Recovery Practice (Recovery Dharma): Wednesdays 7PM ET at Zoom ID 557 752 775 Passcode 1234.

  • AA Freethinkers out of Portland, OR: Monday through Saturday at Noon ET at Zoom ID 871 8430 7931 Passcode Secular. *This is a 30-40 minute meeting.

  • AA We Agnostics and Company out of Portland, OR: Wednesdays 9AM ET at Zoom ID 835 0578 4396 Passcode Secular.

Upcoming Events: